A new solution to minimize the risk when dealing with short-term jobs

Surely, everyone must have been in a situation where he needed a little help. I remember one afternoon when I rearranged old things on my balcony and almost got a headache from the mess, I suddenly saw a man idling on a bench just a few meters down. “If only he could help me” — I thought for a moment- “but how can I trust a random person?” — was the thought that stopped me to ask for help.

Yeah, the question for the reliability pops up every time you have relations with people you are absolutely unfamiliar with. But what a good opportunity it could be if I we can benefit from each other in situations like the one above…

Unfortunately, nowadays it’s almost impossible not to be a victim of a bad party when dealing with short-term job offers and paid services. And if it still hasn’t happened to you, it probably has happened to your friend. There are many cases for people who have been misled by their job provider and never received the money they worked for. On the other side, job providers often are completely deceived by dishonest candidates. At the end both parties suffer.

So all we need is a solution to minimize the risk when a new job is offered.

That is exactly what Mycro app is trying to accomplish. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace where everybody can post easily short-term jobs directly. And its biggest value is the trust guaranteed by the applied technology.

What is it so special that distinguishes Mycro from the others?

The answer is blockchain. Probably you have heard about this revolutionary technology which establishes new rules in a trustable manner. Blockchain is a virtual, public ledger that records everything in a secured and transparent way. Due to its principles of decentralized data storage, it is guaranteed that no matter what the process is, nobody can cheat.

The reputation is extremely important when people contact each other. According to economists, more than 60% of people read the ratings provided by others when shopping online before deciding on a product. But who can assure the reliabilities of the ratings in a closed systems?

That is why blockchain technology is important for the success of Mycro app. It sets that every user, despite being a job provider or a jobber, has a verified profile saved on the blockchain. Their ratings too. And once it’s been recorded there, no one can manipulate or falsify it.

The relationships between participants in the job offer are ruled by the so called smart contracts (the instrument that manages the blockchain system). They are immutable and up to this moment, they are the most secured data processing structure. Furthermore, smart contracts take care that all of the Mycro users will have accurate rating based on the real evaluation everyone has received.

Another significant moment is the promise for agreed remuneration that must be fulfilled. The Mycro dApp (decentralized application) provides an option for payment via cryptocurrency. In that case, the money will be held in trust by a smart contract while the job is performed. Neither the job provider nor the jobber could access them. After a successful completion of the work, the amount of the payment will automatically be sent to the worker’s wallet. Again, all of this is made possible thanks to the blockchain based technology.

Mycro’s vision for a completely decentralised application without a central entity eliminates the intermediary which usually charges with fees up to 30%. Users merely pay 2% for the use of the decentralised version of Mycro.

What actually Mycro is and how does it works?

It is simple, fast, secure and intuitive decentralized application (for Android and iOS) that tries to equilibrate time and money balance in life. It provides a platform where people with high income but no free time and the opposite — people with free time but suffering from lack of money, can collaborate. The dApp uses a special sorting function to match the right offer with the right worker.

Imagine a situation, similar to the one in the beginning, but this time you have the Mycro solution in you hand. So, you have had a hard week and you expect guest during the weekend. The garden looks terrible but you don’t have time to cut it. All you have to do is simply post a job on Mycro: “beautify garden / EUR 20 per hour / today”. One hour later, a boy from the neighborhood is at your doorstep and revamps the garden in four hours. Both of you are happy.

The more any of you is satisfied with the job performed, the bigger evaluation he should give to the other. The vote is enclosed on the blockchain and both profiles are truly updated.

What happens next is the Mycro reward.

Depending on the review that each party receives from the other, they are awarded a proportional amount of tokens. If you are familiar enough with the usage of blockchain you would know that some dApps have their own token — a fungible and tradable asset or a utility. In our case, the Mycro token(MYO) is used to land a better position on the job provider‘s list of applicants. So if a candidate wants to be more competitive he should aim to own larger amount of tokens.

That turns MYO into a valuable investment. You can get a few of Mycro tokens in advance during the Initial coin offering. The pre-sale period starts soon and offers bonuses to the investors.

Mycro dApp aims to solve a major problem of the society and at the same time to guarantee credibility. Through its peer-to-peer network for easy jobs, it gives people back control of their time and money balance.

Stay tuned for more details.

Mycro team would like to thank Limechain for partnering on this endeavour!