Check your earnings

Mycro Hunter: Check your earnings

The Mycro Hunter application is the perfect place for you to apply your skills to a huge range of different campaigns that need people just like you. We are hard at work, making the best application to ensure that you and our partners can connect and do good work together. At the heart of all this is your wallet, where you will receive your rewards and of course, you will need to know how to check your earnings.

Tracking your campaign rewards

Within the Mycro Hunter application, there is a function called “check your rewards”. Within this function, you will be able to check what tasks have been approved by the campaigns you have completed tasks for. You will also be able to see when you can expect to receive your rewards for the completion of tasks.

Within this function, you will also be able to see a history of all the rewards that you have received in the past. This will show you all the previous earnings that have already been distributed to your wallet, and which campaign they came from.

It is important to us to be as transparent as possible and we want you to be assured that you are receiving the correct rewards for all of your hard work. This is another feature of the Mycro Hunter application that will engender trust between bounty hunters and campaigns. Make sure you get in touch at the social media links below and let us know what you think!