Community Recap

Reviewing 2020 and plans for 2021

Hello Mycro community, we hope you had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year! We’d like to thank you for all the support that you have given us this year and the support you will continue to give us in 2021.

As you can imagine, 2020 has been very challenging for Mycro, as it has been for many of us. However, we managed to make a success of it, still putting out content, developing, and improving the Mycro Hunter application. We are pleased to announce that the development of the app has been going extremely well.

Plans for 2021

We are on schedule to release the Mycro Hunter application in February of 2021. Once the application has been released, we will be spending our time improving the user experience within the application. We will be working hard to ensure that your experience within the app is perfect.

We are planning on doing more social media campaigns to expand the user base of the application and also offer you the option to earn considerably more cryptocurrencies! Aswell as this, we will be looking to add a variety of different projects to the Mycro Hunter application, giving you the opportunity to earn many new tokens and coins via the app.

We’ve really enjoyed your support through 2020 and look forward to more in 2021. We want to wish you all the best for 2021 and stay tuned to the social media links below to find out more as we develop the application and the projects on it in the new year!