FKT42 and Mycro - Developing the platform closely together

You’ve been keeping up with the news coming out from Mycro, practically on a daily basis. Mycro is building a network within the technological world to support us, today we are happy to announce a new partnership. As Mycro’s base is within an application, it seemed only right that we partner with an app agency. Ladies and gentleman, we present Mycro’s partnership with FKT42.

Who are FKT42?

You’ll know from our “meet the team” series that the two founders of FKT42 work for Mycro. The two founders being Michael Siedenbiedel and Tobias Fröhlich. Both Michael and Tobias have worked extremely hard to earn their experience and take FKT42 to where you see it today. We’ve already covered why both of these developers are so important and to learn more about them, click the links above and get reading.

FKT42was started in 2005 by both Michael and Tobias. They recognised the potential that websites offered to the corporate world and were quick to ensure that they could provide their expertise to this world. When the first iPhone released in 2008, they saw the new medium for what it was and rebranded FKT42 with an expanded range of application development services.

In 2014, Michael and Tobias began working full-time at FKT42, and both became managing partners. 2016 was a massive year for the company in which the legal form from GbR was changed to GmbH and gained its first full-time employee. Since 2017 FKT42is also a training company that trains IT specialists in the area of application development.

What does FKT42 do?

In its current iteration, FKT42develops individual applications, websites, web applications and desktop software solutions for both companies and individuals. They serve customers in Germany, and its neighbouring EU countries from their head office in the technology centre of Hamm. The company currently consists of two managing partners, two full-time developers and one trainee IT specialist who is now in their second year of application development training.

FKT42 is entirely self-financed and is poised to make big moves in the technological sector. We here at Mycro are incredibly excited to be partnered with them and be a part of their next big step.

FKT42 at Mycro

As you can guess, FKT42 will be chiefly assisting Mycro with building our application. However, they will also be assisting us with our website, server security, implementation of both the iOS and Android app as well as the implementation of new functions in these areas.

As FKT42 is well versed at predicting changes in an ever-evolving market, they will also be assisting us with the planning of the application and the coordination of the smart contract, on which they will be working with Limechain. Perhaps most importantly, they will be working to capture the desired features of the users to ensure that you will see exactly what you wish to see within the Mycro application.

We here at Mycro are delighted about this partnership with FKT42as it can only mean exceptional things for us, them and you, our community. Let us know what you think about this partnership and get involved at the social media links below.