Interview with Artdirector and UX/UI designer Tilman Middendorf

The concept of Mycro was first dreamt up by André Bruckmann back in July of 2017. The following February, Andre started to build a core team to bring Mycro to life. While you will find some essential details about the team in the whitepaper and on the website, we thought it would be a good idea to do a series of interviews with the team to introduce them to you. During this series of interviews, we hope to give you a real insight into the team and to help you understand what drives them in their pursuit to bring Mycro to you.

Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, one of the UX/UI designers for Mycro, Tilman Middendorf.

Tilman is a passionate graphic designer and artist who has been perfecting his craft for eight years now. He believes that the secret of good design is focusing on the core factors: “design follows function, keep it simple and always think outside the box” Tilman tells me. By always keeping these attributes in mind, he has developed a portfolio that ranges from campaign developments and illustrations to corporate design.

As a UX/UI designer, Tilman takes care of the look at Mycro. “I’m significantly involved in the implementation of the corporate design,” he says, “I consult closely with Christian Hampe to design everything for the project.” Everything being Mycro’s logo, the whitepaper, the website, telegram stickers and the general corporate design.

It’s clear when speaking to him that Tilman loves his role at Mycro. “Mycro is just fun,” he says. “We have a lot of freedom here when it comes to ideas.” “I also really enjoy bringing our little figures and graphics to life and seeing how the community and team meet them with enthusiasm,” Tilman tells me. He’s part of a great team, who, like him, work hard every day with fun and enthusiasm.

Mycro is a labour of love, Tilman genuinely believes that Mycro will add value to people’s lives. “Mycro will make people happier and more independent. It will create freedom” he declares.

When thinking about the future, Tilman has a simple message: “Mycro will change the world!”

I ask one final question, what’s the first thing you’ll do when Mycro goes live? He smiles, “the garden needs it!”

Tilman is passionate about his work and the project of Mycro as a whole. Hopefully, this interview has given you a real insight into how he contributes to the project and why. Follow Mycro at the below social media links for further discussions with the team.