Interview with Head of Software Development Michael Siedenbiedel

Developing the Mycro software

You’ve met two fantastic designers and one sterling advisor. Now, it’s time to meet the head of software development, Michael Siedenbiedel! Michael presides over many of the things you have already engaged with and indeed, many of the parts of Mycro that you will be engaging with on a daily basis.

Building extensive experience

Michael started to study computer science in 2003 and quickly founded his own company, FKT42 in 2005, along with Tobias Fröhlich. Since 2005, he has been the managing director there, “we are a completely self-financed company” Michael tells me, “we develop apps, websites and desktop software solutions for clients in Germany and its neighbouring EU countries.” Currently, FKT42 consists of two managing partners, two full-time developers and a trainee IT specialist.

While working to build FKT42, Michael also worked as a student assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund as a software developer. Doing both of these roles allowed him to construct extensive development experience in such fields as HTML5, MySQL, iOS SDK, OS X frameworks, Android Studio, Java, C# and project management.

Michael @ Mycro

Michael leads the development team at Mycro to ensure that they produce the perfect software. “I take charge in such areas as; implementation of the website and its security, planning and implementing the MVP and application on all platforms,” he says, “as well as the implementation and integration of the smart contracts along with LimeChain.” He also finds the time to plan and implement the necessary interfaces for the application, as well as assisting in bug fixes and capturing desired features of the users.

Speaking about the value Michael brings to Mycro, he tells me; “I am the antithesis to all the creative people in the team.” He stays focused during development and avoids marketing-driven deadlines. This is because he believes these are often to the expense of the quality of software. Michael puts it rather simply; “I live for the perfect software,” he proclaims.

Passion and the future

Michael is clearly a perfect fit for Mycro, and that feeling is clearly reciprocated. “I love the team, the momentum, the enthusiasm of each individual, typical startup chaos,” he says. In fact, what kind of developer would Michael be if he wasn’t enthusiastic about new technologies — the blockchain. “Without it,” Michael says, “Mycro wouldn’t work at all.”

As an enthusiastic developer, Michael is always looking to the future of every project he is involved in. “Mycro has the potential to change the world,” he says, “it will change the way we work together and make money.”

As always, I ask Michael if he has any plans for Mycro when the platform goes live. “Someone could update me on the application download and usage statistics every second,” he quips.