Interview with Software Developer Dominik Fladung

Mycro software development

It’s that time of the week again where you get to learn a little more about our team here at Mycro. The man you will be meeting this week works very closely with the man that you met last week, Tobias Fröhlich. While everyone at Mycro works closely, the software development team is close-knit, to ensure that we bring you the best application and platform that we can. Without further ado, meet Dominik Fladung.

Dominik’s IT background

Dominik started his studies in the field of information technology at Eduard-Spranger vocational college. He took a state-certified Information Technology assistant and vocational baccalaureate, which he successfully completed in August 2017. He used this experience to find work at a company that you may have heard of before, FKT42. “I currently work at FKT42, I am training as an IT specialist in application development,” he explains, “I work with Michael Siedenbiedel and Tobias Fröhlich.”

“From there, it was easy to find my way to Mycro,” Dominik says, “where I work as a software developer for the web platform and application, alongside Michael and Tobias.”

Developing a Mycro relationship

“What I love about Mycro,” he says, “is that it brings people together without them needing to be in the same room!” Dominik is nostalgic for a simpler time when everyone knew their neighbours. “In a big city, you hardly know your neighbours,” he laments, “but in villages, everybody knows everybody and they help each other out.” He believes that bringing this dynamic of villages to city life is where Mycro finds it niche.

Evidently, Dominik plans to bridge a big divide, but it's clear that as a person, he lives and breaths that lifestyle. “I like to think that I bring the team a little closer together,” he says, “whether that be for the website or the application, I love to see my colleagues achieve!”

“I see Mycro as a network of job seekers and job bidders,” he explains, “the bigger it gets, the better it will work, it will bring the world closer together.” Obviously, to Dominik, Mycro is the foundation of the bridge he is working to build.

In fact, Dominik tells me that he needs the Mycro app up and running as soon as possible. “When the app goes live,” he smiles, “I need to find someone to bring my garden up to scratch!”

Dominik is a man with big ambitions, and that is perfect for us here at Mycro. He’s hungry and a quick learner, which can only benefit Mycro and it’s community.