Interview with UX/UI Designer Jascha Stege

Last week we sat down with Tilman Middendorf to start off our Interview with the Team series of articles. The interview was so well received that we quickly sat down with Jascha Stege to get a flavour of who he was and help you to understand better the talent that Mycro is working with.

Role at Mycro

Jascha works with Tilman as a UX/UI designer, and he has been working in the artistic field for over five years now. Jascha’s career in design started under Christian Hampe at the advertising agency, siebendrei_com. He’s still working there now as well as at Mycro and shows absolute dedication and immense passion in both roles.

When Jascha started at Mycro, his skills as a UX/UI designer were in high demand. “When the Mycro project was still in its infancy,” he says, “I was allowed to be part of it from the beginning, particularly regarding design and helping to give the project a face.” His primary focus has been to ensure the user finds the product as appealing as possible so that you can be as enthusiastic about it as we are!

Mycro passion and enthusiasm!

This passion and enthusiasm drive everything that Jascha does with the Mycro project. “It’s really something special to be allowed to participate in this project!” he says. Mycro starting with such a smart idea that adds real social value has been a real draw for Jascha. “The ever-growing team developed an incredible dynamism in a really short time, this reflects in a multi-layered process that we can all be proud of,” he says.

In many ways, it’s fair to say that Mycro pumps through Jascha’s veins, he mirrors the passion that many both inside and outside the company show. “As an ingenious vision becomes something tangible, we become even more convinced of its future benefits,” he says, “we will surely succeed in making people’s lives more pleasant with this app.”

Looking to the future

Jascha is a fantastic ambassador for Mycro, he truly believes in the premise and the platform which shows. He can’t wait for the platform to go live, “As soon as this happens,” he says, “maybe somebody can make my cellar accessible ;).”