Introducing Max Kops: Strategic ICO Advisor at Mycro

Advising the Mycro strategy

You’ve been following the Mycro interview series, and now you know the designers of the project well. There’s an event in the future for Mycro that we cannot ignore, the ICO. With this in mind, it’s important to meet one of the strategic ICO advisors (and a best-selling author), Max Kops.

Building blockchain experience

Max has five years of blockchain experience and started in the crypto world the same way many of us did, by mining Bitcoin at home. Driven by his passion for technological projects, he began working at BTC-ECHO in July 2014 an editor and analyst. “I’ve been working as an ICO analyst for a year and a half, I’ve seen a thousand ones,” he says. “When it comes to successful ICO’s, I know what to look for!”

Mycro Advisor

Max is the perfect person to have advising us on our ICO. “I advise the strategic structuring of the ICO, whether that be marketing or token economics,” informs Max. Given his position in the crypto space, Max also assists Mycro in fundraising, marketing the ICO and leads discussions in blockchain architecture both on and off the chain.

“My interest in Mycro is based on simple facts,” he tells me, “it’s easy to use, it opens a whole new market, and it offers real liquidity to both time and money.” As you can guess, Max is a real fan of utilizing the blockchain to disrupt industries and problem solve, for him, the blockchain is perfect for the real-world gig economy.

We are fortunate to have someone with such analytical knowledge advising our project. “I’m the voice of the investors for the Mycro project, I know what makes an ICO attractive and appealing for investors, and I push for that every day!” Max declares. As he always states in his blog, a token-based fundraising is the new way of financing startups.

Future-proofing Mycro

Max believes that Mycro is the future of the gig economy. He truly believes in Mycro’s freedom to balance time and money, no matter the place or time. “Mycro offers a transparent labour market that kicks out intermediaries taking profits from workers, that is a vision worth being a part of,” he says. Putting his money where his mouth is, Max tells me he already has a job in mind for when Mycro goes live. “My apartment needs to be renovated ASAP!” he beams.