Limechain and Mycro — Together at last!

You may have seen recently in the Mycro Telegram group that Limechain wrote an analysis of the Mycro platform. We are incredibly grateful for the time they took to write such an in-depth and glowing review of us. You may have also have noticed in that article a small announcement that Mycro and Limechain are now partnering together. To find out more about Limechain, the people behind Limechain and what they will be doing for Mycro, you need only read on.

Introduction to Limechain

Limechain was founded in September 2017 by founder, Nick Todorov and co-founder, George Spasov. Limechain has extensive experience in building blockchain solutions for startups and corporate clients, in which they have learned that one truth stands above all others; results speak for themselves. They believe in the power of the blockchain as well as the power of results; they tie these two passions together with their extensive knowledge to assist companies like Mycro to excel!

Meet the LimeChain Team

Nick Todorov has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and a Master’s in Advertising and Brand Management. From this starting point, he has built a career in marketing spanning five and a half years. Using this experience, Nick has founded three different companies, the most recent being Limechain where he is the founder and CEO.

George Spasov has a Bachelor’s of Science and a Master’s Degree in Project Management. He has also undertaken the blockchain development program at Consensys Blockchain academy, where he built on four years of software development experience. George has founded two companies, both with Nick; he is currently the blockchain architect and Chief of Delivery at Limechain.

In the coming weeks, you will find out about the expert development talent that Mycro has via the team interviews we are caring out. Limechain is going to be working closely with the development team at Mycro to bring their expertise to the production of our platform. The back-end processes, our project and the platform, will benefit significantly from Nick and George’s input and we are immensely excited to be working with them.