Meeting the designers

Meeting the designers

As you know, we have a large team here at Mycro, and every member of our team has a vital role in the future of Mycro.

Our designers take charge in making our vision for the future become your reality. First up is Tilman Middendorf.

Tilman is our UI/UX designer, he is also our art director and works very closely with Christian Hampe. Tilman has an eye on everything that gets designed within Mycro, he had a hand in the website, mobile application and assisted with the new Token icon below. You can see the video with Tilman, here.

During the week, we will be releasing a video from our CMO and Co-Founder Christian Hampe! Subscribe to us on Youtube, so you don’t miss it.

Mycro is also proud to announce that we have designed a new icon for the Mycro token (MYO).

We spent time on our new icon to ensure that it represents the Mycro brand.

We have a big announcement coming, André Bruckmann himself will reveal the announcement! We are also planning to host an AMA, where you can ask all the questions you want, directly to André, our CEO.

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