Performing a task

Mycro Hunter: Performing a task

Welcome back Mycro hunters! We are still working hard on the Mycro Hunter application and this week, we are back with more information about the application and the tasks you can perform within it. Today, we will be explaining how you perform a task once you are part of a campaign!

Completing a task

Within the Mycro Hunter application there is a screen in which you will be able to see all the tasks that are currently available for all campaigns that you are currently participating in.

Each task that you have available for each campaign will have two sub-tasks. The first task is to like and comment on the most recent post for that campaign. All comments that you leave should be positive for the campaign and completely unique to that post.

You will also need to share the post with a set of hashtags that you will be made aware of on the perform a task screen.

Task performance review

Once you have completed both of these sub-tasks, you can then return to the Mycro Hunter application and submit your task. This task will then be sent for review and you will be able to receive updates about the progress of this review from the perform a task screen.

Completing tasks are the main function of the Mycro Hunter application and as such, we are working hard to ensure that this part of the process is as streamlined as possible. We look forward to filling your perform a task screen so you can put your skills to use! Make sure you get in touch at the social media links below and let us know what you think!