Roadmap Update

We recently released the roadmap for our Mycro Hunter application and clearly outlined the plan we are following to bring our Mycro Hunter application to you as soon as possible. Today, we bring you an update on what we have been up to.

Our progress so far

In July, we successfully completed a design sprint and created a prototype of the Mycro Hunter application on paper. We also set up the basic system architecture required for the Mycro Hunter application to work.

In August, we started the development of the app, which was a resounding success. We also carried out a basic mockup and started user testing. Again, this was very successful.

The development of both the Mycro protocol and the Mycro Hunter application for Android/iOS started in September and October of this year. While it was a lengthy process, it has now been completed and so we have started closing test of the application, which began this month.

Next month will be the official launch of the Mycro Hunter beta application v1 for Android/iOS.

We have also had an amazing amount of engagement from companies who wish to become partners within the Mycro Hunter application. We will release new articles every Monday, telling you all you need to know about our new and exciting partners.

The Mycro Hunter application is extremely close to completion and we are looking forward to bringing it you, along with a whole host of partners who are just as excited. Follow us on all the links below and get involved in the Mycro conversation!