Softcap reached

🔥🔥 Private sale sold out 🔥🔥

Mycro has been working hard recently, putting time and energy into our platform for you, the community. Today, we have some fantastic news to share with you. We are pleased to announce that our private sale has completely sold out and is closed by today.

🚀🚀 Soft cap reached! 🚀🚀

We had such intense interest and the good news is that we have already reached our soft cap during our private sale!

This means that this is officially the start of our project. We reached the minimum amount of funding that we wanted, and for us, there is no going back now. The Mycro community and we will all go forward together, with the Mycro project.

We have some huge news coming in the next few weeks that we really can’t wait to share with you. Follow us on the social media links below, so you don’t miss out.

💥💥 Mycro IEO on BitForex June 11th 💥💥

We are also glad that Mycro is BitForex´s second project to be featured on their Turbo platform.

Just over a month ago, BitForex´s first project sold out in just 1 minute and 53 seconds on Turbo platform, cementing the exchange’s efforts to highlight worthwhile projects for community members.

Mycro and the MYO token will appear on BitForex Turbo starting on June 11th, giving you the chance to join the ranks of other MYO token holders. But keep in mind that only a very limited amount of MYO tokens will be available at BitForex.

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