Staking and rewarding

Rewards for putting your tokens at stake

Many projects have tokens as an aside or an add-on, stemming from the fact that they utilise a blockchain. Mycro however, have devised important usage for the MYO token, outside of its use as a currency.


The Mycro Hunter app is specifically designed for hunters, hackers and projects. As such, all hunters and hackers will require a certain amount of MYO tokens in their wallet to be able to participate in a projects campaign. We consider this a firewall against scammers who wish to defraud campaigns of their bounty budgets.

Besides that, projects will also require a certain number of MYO in their wallet to be able to onboard hackers and hunters onto their campaigns. Similar to the processes with hunters and hackers, this creates a barrier against scam projects getting involved in the usage of the Mycro Hunter application.

We believe this allows us, along with our reputation system, to protect all of the users of the Mycro Hunter app, from scammers.


Outside of the payment that you receive from a project for engaging with their bounty campaign, the Mycro Hunter application also comes packaged with a reward pool. Each time a hunter or hackers completes a campaign successfully, they will be rewarded MYO from our reward pool.

On top of this, anyone who has 400 MYO tokens or more, before the launch of the Mycro Hunter app will be awarded Genesis status. This status allows lifetime access to the premium services of the app, meaning you will have access to the hottest projects before anyone else!

These features are specifically designed to both protect you and reward you. We and the Mycro Hunter application are here for you and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it, get involved!