The problem and solution

Mycro Hunter’s solution to our problems

The cryptocurrency industry is booming and is moving towards solving problems that are experienced by millions around the globe. That said, there are still certain issues within the cryptocurrency community that need solving. At Mycro, we have the solution, enter the Mycro Hunter app.

The problem

Trust is key in any industry and indeed, in any relationship. Right now, there is a major lack of trust in the crypto community. Bounty hunters and growth hackers are scammed on a regular basis by illegitimate projects and as a result, never receive their hard earned tokens or coins.

To make matters worse, projects are also being scammed by untrustworthy people, scammers who are pretending to be growth hackers and bounty hunters. This leads to projects losing their tokens or coins, without ever receiving anything in return.

This creates a cycle, where growth hackers and bounty hunters have no trust for legitimate projects and projects have no trust for legitimate bounty hunters and growth hackers. As a result of this, the hard work that people in this community are willing to do is not taking place and good people are being let down.

So, what's the solution?

The solution

Enter the Mycro Hunter application, the world’s first mobile application where users can perform tasks in exchange for crypto's.

The Mycro Hunter application offers a 100% payment guarantee. Projects transfer all of their bounty and growth hacking budgets to use before their campaign starts. This allows transparency between projects and the people who engage with those projects. Growth hackers and bounty hunters are assured payments and projects rest safe in the knowledge that only those who deserve it, get paid.

Mycro Hunter also offers a true reputation system. Hunters who participate in many campaigns and perform lots of tasks, will be acknowledged for their high performance. This reputation will be transferable across all applications that use the Mycro Protocol. Also, scammers are banned completely from all applications that use the Mycro protocol.

We have a solution, and we want to put it to work solving your problems. Come and join Mycro and make use of the Mycro Hunter application.