Mycro token sale officially ended

Our private sale was extremely successful. We managed to reach our soft cap for the project before we even finished our private sale. That means that before the IEO token sale even began, our project was already funded enough for us to really get started and moving forward with the Mycro project as a whole. Here’s a link to a Mycro blog post about it.

BitForex's Turbo MYO token sale concluded within minutes on opening. In mid-April, BitForex launched their first project on Turbo, a platform aimed at highlighting noteworthy blockchain projects for the community to participate in with a fair distribution system. Following the initial successes, BitForex Turbo sold out both rounds of the Mycro MYO token sale in just over 13 minutes. Since June 17th, MYO is tradable via an MYO/ETH trading pair on the BitForex Exchange platform.

After observing the market conditions and negotiations with different tier 1 and tier 2 exchanges, we have decided that instead of going with another IEO rounds to focus on listings on other top tier exchanges. We believe that this strategy is the best for the Mycro community, MYO token holders and the Mycro project itself.

New calculation of tokenmetrics

We planned to sell 11% of all our tokens via IEO sales, and on Bitforex, we sold 2.8M of them. This means that 2.8M MYO becomes 11% of the whole token supply. The resulting new calculation of the tokenmetrics will be released for our community shortly.

Our next move

Right now, we are still working extremely hard on our application and platform. We are also currently focusing on getting our token listed on a top tier exchange. We are progressing in this area well, and as soon as we can, we will let you know where our new listing will be.

Thank you all for participating and to stay up to date with all the Mycro news, follow us on the social media links below.