Verify your Facebook account!

Hello again and welcome to another Mycro update! We’ve been keeping busy working on the Mycro Hunter application. We have of course also been dealing with Covid-19 and we hope that you are keeping safe! Today, we are pleased to tell you that the Mycro Hunter application will allow you to utilise Facebook to sign in.

Simplifying the Mycro Hunter login process

We are currently working to integrate Facebook login and verification into the Mycro Hunter application. This means that you will be able to register for the Mycro Hunter application with your Facebook account. When you do this, it will also verify your Facebook account automatically.

If you wish, you can register with your email address as normal and then verify your Facebook account via your profile after you log in. After you have linked your Facebook to your Mycro Hunter account, you need to set your Facebook account to public to ensure that we can track all of the tasks that you complete.

Once this is done, you will be ready to participate in your first campaign within the Mycro Hunter app!

Why Facebook?

We are utilising Facebook as part of the Mycro Hunter app for two reasons. The first is it will streamline the sign up process, simply click one button and you will be signed up to use the Mycro Hunter application. The second is that it will streamline the task verification process. This will allow us to ensure that you are paid for the tasks you have completed quickly and efficiently.

We are very excited to finally be sharing this news with you! Find us at the social media links below and let us know what you think, particularly via Facebook!