Wallet functionality

Managing MYO tokens in your Mycro Hunter application

We are back with more information about the Mycro Hunter application! We have been keeping busy constantly working on, improving and streamlining the application. Today, we have some information for you regarding the wallet that will be created for you automatically within the Mycro Hunter application.

Wallet functionality

Given that Mycro has its own token, the MYO token, having a wallet within our application is vital. When you create an account with the Mycro Hunter app, it will also create a wallet for you automatically.

The wallet is fully decentralised, meaning that you own both it and the contents of it completely. It is protected by a personal mnemonic phrase that ensures you both security for your tokens and also ease of access to the wallet itself.

Furthermore, the wallet will not just be for MYO tokens, you will be able to send and receive any ERC-20 tokens to your Mycro Hunter wallet. This means that you can use it as your personal wallet, storing all your ERC-20 tokens or you can quickly and easily transfer your tokens to another ERC-20 wallet.

We are constantly improving the Mycro Hunter application to ensure that we offer you the best application on the market. We believe that having a simple and secure wallet is a vital part of that.

We are excited to share this news with you and we will be sharing more in the near future. Find us at the social media links below and let us know what you think!